About Us

We, Bright Scientific Services, are trusted suppliers, distributors, agents, stockists, manufacturing partners, for a larger number of scientific and laboratory brands, national and international. We deal with a plethora of laboratory products, consumables, chemicals, pharmaceutical, life science monitoring instruments etc.

A Strong Network

We have strong ties with a large number of local and international pharma distributors, product manufacturers, wholesalers, agents, enterprises etc. With our highly convoluted and validated network of suppliers, we source, store and supply a multitude of products which our clients may be in quest of.

 Our Values

With years of expertise and with our true adherence to quality and support for our clients across all stages (from first point of contact to the delivery of products, application support and customer care), we have crafted a unique position for ourselves in the healthcare marketplace. 

Why rely on us?

At Bright Scientific Services,

  • We constantly challenge ourselves, find ways to serve our clients better and better;
  • We aim at developing client’s potential by delivering customized products and services for all scientific and laboratory needs of our clients;
  • Deliver exceptionally reliable customer services, offering frictionless and hassle-free experience for our customers;
  • Highly committed to providing quick response for our customers;
  • Maintain trustworthy, honest and positive communication for long-term business relationship with our clients.

We are a team of experts who never steps back from learning and embracing new technologies and strategies to implement much better the means of achieving the goals of our clients.