We are National Level Organization

Bright Scientific Services is one of the National Level Organizations in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a Proclaimed Objective of becoming excellence for Sales, Services and R&D for the health care community.

Dynamism in our services

With our true dedication to support our clients, in very short span of time, gain a super-colossal increase in our customer-base which includes the top Pharmaceutical Companies.

We Rightly cater to your Needs.

Whatever be your requirements, you can always finds us giving you an answer in an affirmative yes. Yes, we can.

With world of pharmacy and healthcare sciences expeditiously metamorphosing, it is crucial to take into account the trends that have the potential to shape future and move much more swiftly, preparing for what has to come. Focusing on the ever growing trends, we want to serve customers and help them be prepared for the better tomorrow with all true products and services. 

Bright Scientific Services, came into being in the year 2008, has always been at the forefront in providing scientific and laboratory equipment solutions, products for the scientific, medical, industrial communities and institutions across the globe. We have unparalleled expertise at  procuring, storing, supplying a wide gamut of makes and models of basic to highly advanced scientific and laboratory equipments, pharmaceutical and healthcare products from local to international brands.  

Fulfilling scientific and laboratory needs for health care sector with all due diligence, dedication and heartitude.

Whatever be your requirements related to any products we can deliver with all precision and efficiency. Our customers can rely on us for all scientific products spanning various categories which include but not just limited to Crude Drugs, Pharmaceutical Excipient, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Volatile Oils, Solvents ,Fixed Oils, Medical Apparatus, Glassware, Pharmaceutical Apparatus etc.

We assure our clients of the best-in-class products, conforming to the international quality standards. We also extend application support services and other scientific services for our customers. And not just this, we also offer support services anytime our customers want us to.

Just a small call and you will see performing the services for you that you require. We assure of the best support services. One of expert technicians will be helping with the products you have purchased from us. You can expect efficient services with no delay at all.